On 29 October, Dr Xolisa Guzula was interviewed by Prof Carolyn McKinney at a workshop for high school teachers in South Africa. She explains the difference between translation and versioning and her process of creating an isiXhosa version of ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’. While engaging with teachers’ questions, Xolisa explains that her purposes for making the isiXhosa version were to highlight knowledge about astronomy in isiXhosa; teach children new vocabulary for Science in isiXhosa and create exciting reading material for primary school age children in a language with which they are familiar. The workshop was hosted by the Zenex Foundation as part of the Languaging-for-Learning project which works with English, Maths and Science teachers in 10 Cape Town High Schools.

Watch the recording of the interview here: https://youtu.be/hj13y_6KAvk

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